Meet The Team

Joseph Njuguna

Team Leader

Mr. Joseph Njuguna has been working in the IT industry for over a decade now. He has been involved in networking, repair, Web and Desktop Application Development. He has served as the Systems’ Administrator for both Truth FM and Biblia Husema Media House for many years. Having received a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Business Information Technology from the University of Greenwich Joseph is now specialized in Web and Desktop application Development. He is also well versed in Data Base Development.

Mr. Joseph Njuguna has a handful experience in consultation of ICT broadcasting technology. He has served in Indeed and Truth Radio in Tonj South Sudan, Wer Bei Radio in Aweil South Sudan, Mediamax Limited Kenya,  Athiani Holdings Kenya, ATG Radio, Anguo FM Kenya Among other Media Houses in Africa. Mr. Njuguna is a member of Africa by Radio Media Trainers, which offers training to Christian Radio Stations in Africa.

As a firm believer in Jesus Christ, Joseph has no other reason to work apart from bringing glory to God. With this in mind, he is always compelled to push himself to the limit in ensuring that quality is not compromised. “We shall all give an account of all that we do” He believes.

Anthony Ochino

Lead Developer

At one time, Anthony who also goes by the name Junior wanted to become a lawyer before sanity prevailed and he followed his true passion. He strongly believes that the web is the future this is underpinned by his belief of the “anywhere anytime concept” which is made possible by web applications. A friend once told him that when talent meets passion, there a masterpiece is created. He has never looked back, since.

Anthony’s dream  world is one in which he can sit in his living room watching sports on TV, doing banking, interacting with clients old and new, interacting with friends in the comfort of the sofa set all thanks to technology. This is already happening but the possibilities remain enormous especially in Africa and the third world where technology is still picking slowly. He is all about continuous improvement and thus spends countless hours studying to stay abreast with the latest technologies.

When not thinking about computers and the web Anto plays or coaches rugby, writes a little poetry , reads and comes up with witty quotes. Anthony oversees all web development ventures of the company and is also in charge of training and quality control.

Michael Kariuki

Technical Support

Kiki is a  young man quick to spot with the guidance of his obviously noticeable tinge. He is swiftly attracted by design in all its forms and this concludes his passion for still and moving graphics.

He is also moderately versed with coding as he hopes too be a guru soon before Christ comes. Kiki is amused by Fifa,NFS,Grand theft and talking to people and finds it as a route of drawing ideas. People he listens to are jon courson,Ravi zachari,Francis Chan and Matt chandler.He works best under pressure and his mantra is ‘Don t over think stuff’. Kiki’s favourite Tools include the following

  • Photoshop/Gimp/Illustrator
  • Netbeans
  • Sublime text 2
  • Codepens
Kiki does graphics for the company and is also the tech support guy